Anonymous ZeroSec: Deep State Dox Part 10

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Greetings Conned Fidget Spinners,

We have illustrated how David Rockefeller put up the World Trade Center which became partly a CIA base and the lynch pin for the Trilateral Commission’s agenda of oil and opiate war rampage for Bayer and Exxon both intimately involved with Rockefeller who formed the Bilder berg Group with Nazi Prince Bernhard. Well it turns out after the Enron scandal of 2001 the documents linking Enron to JP Morgan Chase were in building number 7 which fell a half hour later in obvious controlled demolition.

Remaining Paste link to speech :

Paste Link :

We will not forgive.

We will not forget.

Expect us.

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Building 7 Side-by-Side Controlled Demolition


David Rockefeller Gloats About 9/11 in 1967

Bank of America’s GENIUS Strategy: Offload $55 Trillion dollar risk from Merrill Lynch to Taxpayers!

TARP Bank CEO’s Cash In On Bonuses

US sues 16 big banks for alleged Libor rigging

Dual Tracking & RoboSigning

RED ALERT – Major BANK Freezing BLACK CITIZENS Bank Accounts
Anonymous Releases Bank Of America Emails

Major Wikileaks Cache Destroyed

Debtors Revolt against Bank Credit Cards

Bank of America protests, ALEC protests, Washington hunger s

TARP Funds and Financial Services Hearing

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Senator Demands Mnuchin Tell Truth About Robo-Signing — The Political Vigilante

Steve Mnuchin, Who Played Key Role in Foreclosure Crisis, Confirmed As Treasury Secretary (1/2)

Mnuchin Announces New Sanctions on Venezuela

Mnuchin on his shell companies & tax loopholes

Mnuchin viewed the solar eclipse atop $200B of gold
EXCLUSIVE: How Richard Dreyfuss Prepared to Bring Bernie Madoff to the Screen

EXCLUSIVE: How Richard Dreyfuss Prepared to Bring Bernie Madoff to the Screen

New Treasury Secretary to Target Dodd-Frank

OneWest Uses Fraudulent Documents To Foreclose On Home Owners

World Hunger – UNICEF
Newscasters Agree: Rising Gas Prices Edition – CONAN on TBS

The Great Depression

BP Oil Spill Caused on Purpose! MORE PROOF!

Goldman Sachs buys hookers for Libyans, loses all their money

Life of orphans in India, Heart Touching Video !

Wealth Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


PSY – Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style parody) subtitulada español

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2 Responses

  1. MattJ InJax says:

    One thing that is interesting to me is all the American Airlines/United Airlines stock that was dumped prior to 9/11.
    Even did a video about it.

  2. MattJ InJax says:

    That is precisely why I never do business with Bank of America. I learned that from Anonymous. Also, so THAT is why WTC7 was pulled.

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