An Overview of Messick’s & Our Employment Opportunities

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Our Mission
To Messick’s staff, simply making a sale is secondary to the goal of providing the customer with the correct solution to get the job done.
We strive to provide customers with a broad selection of new and used equipment, parts and service with an emphasis on quality and dependability. Messick’s philosophy is to work with credibility, honesty, integrity, and courtesy, because a sincere relationship with you, the customer, is important.

Messick’s is a dealer for over 250 brands of equipment in the agricultural, construction, and lawn and garden industries including Case IH, New Holland, Miller Pro, Kubota, Woods, Apache, Newton Crouch, Cub Cadet, and Stihl.

Messick’s has been a family business ever since brothers Marlin and Merville Messick started the dealership in 1952. Over the years we’ve grown from a two-person operation to a company of over 220 people staffing five locations in south central Pennsylvania. Messick’s remains a family business, operated by Merville’s sons Bob and Ken and their children. We are a company dedicated to providing exceptional parts, service and sales support to our customers.

Messick’s offers industry leading wages, 401k, paid vacation, health insurance and a Christ centered work environment. We strive to offer the best in customer service and believe it takes exceptional staff to deliver that promise.

We encourage you to submit your application as we collect resumes year-round. We do most of our hiring between September and November, however we will consider highly qualified individuals at any point throughout the year.

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18 Responses

  1. Who owns the Chevy citation mint condition 2 door lol love it

  2. MrFakit says:

    Damn sausage party at Messick's, where's all the women? ;p

  3. Jeff Urry says:

    I've had nothing but great experiences when dealing with Messicks. Your website and ph# are my "go to" when I'm repairing/servicing our equipment.

  4. Great video Neil. I am also a 3rd gen dealer. My family owns 2 car dealerships in PA. if I’m in your area I will visit. Keep up the great work

  5. Lar Mar says:

    This is a great video. Makes me want to drop everything and go work at your company. When I need parts you’re my go to. Thank you all for the great service you provide us

  6. Mr Ed says:

    Excellent video Neil with a well rounded history of Messicks.
    I like that you are a faith based business.
    When I need parts I will be giving my business to you.

  7. Jax Turner says:

    I wish you would buy my local dealer, I’d work for free if I could just get some questions answered and the correct Parts. Its like our dealers motto is “ Where else ya gonna go?” We have no choice.

  8. Chris says:

    Wow, excellent video! I was surprised by the various business aspects shown. Looks like it has really come a long way. Your investment in technology, software, and equipment service will enable you to continue scaling the company well beyond the typical equipment dealer (your already there). With that comes organization, knowledgeable staff, and lean business practices. This turns into lower prices for customers and a reputation second to none. I wish you the best of luck!

  9. 2cYourVideo says:

    Love your videos. Thanks!

  10. dang yall are a lot larger than i thought, well done.

  11. I am the owner of a janitor / lawn- and gardencare company in Munich / Germany and your videos are the reason that i bought two Kubota compact tractors for my company. We have a B2650 Cab and a BX231 ROPS (the europe BX2380 model). We have a John Deere dealer 2 km away from our company but you guys made me go to the 25 km distant Kubota dealer 😀

    Keep making interesting videos guys 🙂

  12. JCLawn51 says:

    I know you guys have been helpful in my business with supplying parts. You guys usually have everything in stock for my mower. Even internal engine parts. I had some push rod bearings shipped over night and it arrived at my fedex in 14 hrs of ordering and I live in MI. My local dealer could not compete because parts would of had to come from GA and go to them first. When I talked to service for advice, they treaded me like a customer who walked up to the counter despite me being states away. Despite that conversation not turning into billable hrs, it was an investment into me being a more reliable parts customer and that guy on the other end of the phone got that.

  13. Open one here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Ill be one of the first to apply. Looks like a great company keep up the good work!!!

  14. Wish you guys were in Florida

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