5 Things to Watch for the Next Economic Recession

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College debt is going to tear down the economy.

And when that happens … the “brand” of colleges will collapse just like the brand of Wall Street banks collapsed in 2008.

We’re going to start having much needed conversations around the future of education and what actually matters.

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43 Responses

  1. Joseph Wilson says:

    I had a CEO look me in the face and tell me he wished we had a recession so people would work for less, that was in 1998.( he too wished the world would melt) I truly understand the thoughts behind what Gary says but the people who really get slaughtered during these events are not the people who will have to go get a job at Bank of America and be a little embarrassed or uncomfortable, hell not even embarrassed because they will just stop posting on social media and or re-brand themselves and they're b.s., It's not even the people with student debt because we all know what the government will basically do, either simply bail the system out or change the laws back to where they had been, so those loans can be included in bankruptcy filings again(which they should do asap) and simply bail out Navient Corporation and Our wonderful Dept of education. Bottom line i'm more worried about the guys and gals who stock the shelves at The Wine Library's of the world. The institutions and the executives who run them, that Gary will apparently have the cash to buy, will be fine with failure and scarcity to them being only three to ten million only in the bank.

  2. Nicolas Vargas says:

    gary vee a clown cant take him serious anymore

  3. Lifestyle Savant says:

    I'm certainly not excited for an economic meltdown, but you know I'm preparing for it!

  4. Jason Minhinnick says:

    So why make this video right now.

  5. Janet Hockey says:

    Time to buy BMW is the recessions. Then storaging them then selling it.

  6. Chris Letsinger says:

    Looked through the comments and I've never seen a more positive more thankful comment section on youtube.

  7. Branson Emett says:

    Awesome video

  8. Chris Letsinger says:

    My GPA went from 3.6 in high school to 1.1 this semester in college. As a Freshman I can't tell you whether it gets better or not, but what I can tell you is that it cost $20,000 I don't have.
    Here's what I've done the first semester – rehashed high school physics, only to withdraw because I was apathetic
    – Rehashed high school calculus, getting a C without doing homework or going to class
    – Taking a general Ed. Course where we learn about ourselves, only the whole objective of that class was to pick a major, something I did before I the first day.
    – Taking an Economics class, actually learning stuff, not learning anything all that useful.

    Even if I worked my ass off and got a 4.0, I would've learned about as much as I do now, maybe less, because it's more fun to work toward solutions for the inefficiency of the construction industry bid practices.

  9. zodiacfml says:

    Like the description. These schools will collapse. Like innovative private companies today, a new entry will disrupt the educational sector.

  10. Michaelgames says:

    Omg I took Gary’s advice he’s a really good freaking youtuber please sub to me and watch my disstrack everyone thx

  11. Gamma Light says:

    I made a choice when I was top of my class after winning several national academic competitions that the cost of school was disproportionate to the value of my immediate skills in the real world. I knew the only way to make it was to work, not to sit at a desk spending all my money pushing debt. School's amazing but there comes a point where it hurts you more then it helps financially, it's very important to know where that point is for you.

    I'll always take classes to expand my knowledge but building my buisness comes first.

  12. Sterling Lowery says:

    Why I Think This World Should End by Prince Ea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvnQ2QB4yc

  13. Tea in the Moment says:

    #5 is so true. I made under $14K this year 1/4 of what I made 7 years ago but my biggest secret I never tell people I know is how happy I am. I learned how to live and be happy on very little. Most wouldn't believe me anyway.

  14. Adnan A says:

    Hopefully the crash is after I finish medical school, or it may be hard to fund :/

  15. scubawithatuba says:

    i for value and I leave with value. That's why Gary wins in the long-run….

  16. Sterling Lowery says:

    What's the difference between school and life? In school we're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life we're given a test that teaches us a lesson.

    Why we have to go to school?

  17. Everything Is Photogenic says:

    While I don't think college as it is structured right now is inherently going to make someone successful, what younger generations need from something like formal education (restructured to teach value added material and without forcing debt) is accountability and discipline. So many people covet the lives of people like Gary but aren't willing to do the fucking work…. shit, even in the professional and business world I am surrounded by people who are always asking for help, don't want to think or innovate for themselves… I'm not talking teamwork I'm talking helpless overpaid button pressers that probably haven't ever had to wonder how they were going to make rent or buy groceries that month. They come from one of two generations: the baby boomers biding their time until retirement… their "finish line" thinking the world owes them something because they put in the time (not effort) and millenials… there is a great dichotomy in the millennial generation either they are relentlessly driven and aspire to be the best they can be or are entitled, self righteous brats who wouldn't known hard work if it punched then in the face. . The combination makes for a bunch of helpless overpaid professionals that check the boxes and try to pawn off as much of their responsibility to others as they can based on actual or feigned ignorance. incompetence is a badge of honor these days and corporations eat it up because they don't want people to think for themselves.
    If the market crashes, I want the low hanging fruit to feel the fire and a lot of that falls in the younger generation that strives first and foremost to keep up with the Jones' to borrow from Gary's vernacular, handed to them on a silver fucking platter. Gary is preaching a Gen X mentality to the millennial generation that hasn't seen struggle… yet… I sure as shit hope some of it sticks and those that work their asses off are rewarded in the end.

    And technically… I'm a millennial so I have a lot of skin in this game despite the shit talk.

  18. BIBØ says:

    man i fucking love this guy so much lol

  19. Nicholas Varro says:

    Selfish vs selfless 101

  20. Nicholas Varro says:

    LET IT MELT, LET IT MELT! I’m driving around a 9 year old Prius that needs new tires and breaks…. I’m I’ll be damned if I don’t buy a bad ass welcome package for my AirBnB guest arriving tomorrow!

  21. Danny C says:

    that room dont look to diverse

  22. John Smith says:

    Egoistic, he knows his wealth won't be affected as bad as the whole population of america, then he clearly states it would be a chance for him to become even more rich.But you see Gary it won't be as good as you are thinking envisioning it now, if a recession will be that bad, you could lose it all to, the whole country would fall into chaos and anarchy.He thinks he will be secure during "the economic meltdown", but it's gonna be funny if into his house during those crazy times some Bolsheviks/antifa/sjw's or other crazy socialist gang would march in to nationalize everything he has.

  23. Miguel Johnson Jr says:

    How do we still benefit from the economy crashing if were still new in the business world?

  24. Kevin Schmidt says:

    Six figures in commodities and six figure income…..ready to capitalize on you fuck sticks driving beamers making $75k a year

  25. Brian Crink says:

    Recessions are like the economy’s garbage collector. Weakening or removing all the non-innovators, allocating maximum opportunity back to the creators that are providing real value. The icing on the cake is the massive long term reward.

  26. Jontel Jones says:

    Love this format, keep it coming!

  27. Wahid Fayad says:

    Gary Vee = So underrated

  28. Ernst Lukas says:

    2:30 I love that smile and confidence. I wish you all the best and I truly hope you achieve this goal. You'd deserve it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  29. Hasu says:

    2:23 In 12 years, maybe 15, the United States won't exist as it does now. It'll be individual nation states that vie for workers and talent. Nobody will want to take in the welfare-dependent — no state will be able to afford them.

  30. summertimesweater says:

    the best garyvee moments are the transparent garyvee moments

  31. ElevenFour says:

    Sell greed and buy fear baby!!! Waiting for the crash so I can buy businesses on sale. Meanwhile I’ll trade options with some of that cash so it doesn’t just sit.

  32. Shawn B says:


  33. Gavin Nicewander says:

    What’s the talk of this “ Melt “? Why are people saying they will “ become a millionaire in 2019? “

  34. The Next Generation of Currency says:

    Watched this video then hours later heard bright wood college is closing its doors leaving thousands without jobs and thousands of kids in debt and no job.

  35. Joe Carrier says:

    What up Gary Gee?

  36. Cole S says:

    Gary “I’m looking forward to a recession” Vee

  37. Zarah Belle says:

    So what can you do o if your starting out on your on for the first time and trying to figure it out to give yourself some cushion for future?

  38. Pursuing Progress says:

    My goal is to reform the education system.

  39. Houston Bernard Band says:

    I suck #FirstInLine

  40. Ryne Williams says:

    The first rant in the video below is the spark that ignited my fire. I dropped out probably a few weeks after watching it and hearing Gary talk about how most people have no clue what they're going to do after graduating. This was two years ago now, and I stand by the claim that it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks Gary.


  41. Legumes Vienna says:

    Hmm Gary i kind of share your excitement…then on the other end i fear people will blame capitalism (the process they should be thanking) and there will be more gouvernment more rules more regulation and happiness will go out the window

  42. chappyfx says:


  43. OzSilver Stacking says:

    Way to bum everyone out about there student loans during the workshop. You could see how deflated the room got.

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