12 Sign Of Stock Market Crash

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1. Bull Market turn 7 years.
2. Fix Deposit Interest Rate Come Down.
3. IPO Market is hyper active. Many companies come with ipo.
4. Price To Earning or pe ratio is around 25 for Nifty
5. Housing market is In Bubble. Over Valued Housing Price.
6. Oil Price is Volatile.
7. Mergers and acquisition are happening more than average.
8. Corporate Earnings and Revenues Deteriorating
9. Extremely high trading volume and volatility.
10. Signs of economic slowdown in cyclical industries.
11. Everyone stops talking about a crash.
12. Stronger Dollar

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    Patel vidhu aap kaha se Ho mahesana ke Ho? ?

  2. макс в says:

    убрать видео из трендов.уст. расш. you clever в гуглхром. Заходите на канал, рядом с кнопкой подписаться будет белый крестик в красном круге нажимаете его. Видео с канала больше нигде не появится

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